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Odontology deals with the treatment of carious lesions (dental caries).

Caries can affect the hard tooth structures and if not treated in time can affect the dental pulp and nerve.

Early caries appear as small white or brown spots and can be noticed by the dentist and less so by the patient. He notices the caries at the moment when it has evolved too much. Hence the need for dental controls to be able to detect any condition in its early stages, which leads to the reduction of dental substance sacrifice, costs and treatment duration.

At first, caries appears as a simple discoloration of the tooth, the evolution of which can lead to the formation of a cavity. If not treated in time, it can lead to inflammation of the dental pulp and nerve, which leads to the need for its removal and the obturation of the root canal.

The treatment of dental caries aims at the removal of the altered tissue, the isolation of the remaining healthy tissue from temperature variations with specific materials and the restoration, reconstruction of the tooth with the help of materials that provide resistance, functionality and aesthetics in equal measure.

Odontology, dental caries - Smile Architects, dental clinic

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