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Endodontic treatments (ENDODONTICS) are known as root canal treatment or “nerve removal“.

Acesta este realizat sub anestezie locala cu instrumente rotative, sub controlul microscopului atunci cand este necesar sau asistat de laser, atunci cand ne confruntam cu o infectie.

It is performed under local anesthesia with rotating instruments, assisted by the microscope when necessary or assisted by the laser, when we are dealing with an infection.

After the diagnosis, the endodontic treatment begins with local anesthesia, which makes the treatment painless.

To remove the dental pulp and clean the canals, modern rotary instruments are used, through which the treatment can be completed faster. The success rate in this case is much higher in time compared to the treatment carried out by classical methods.

Situations that required extraction in the past can now be overcome thanks to the latest generation techniques and materials.

The dental microscope helps us to solve some of the difficult cases (curved canals, calcified canals, canal re-treatments, removal of broken instruments in the canal).

According to many studies, the efficiency of supplementing the root canal treatment with the dental laser has been demonstrated. It is used in the stage of disinfection of the canals, and its use under the dental microscope provides a better control of the disinfection of the canal walls and increases the chance of success of the endodontic treatment.

The last stage of the endodontic treatment is the obturation (sealing) of the canals using bio-compatible cements that do not produce inflammatory reactions in the surrounding tissues and that seal the canal thus preventing a subsequent recontamination.

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