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Smile Architects, dental clinic – is born as a necessity to take care of as many patients as possible who need our services, after an experience of over 15 years in the field of dental health.

We believe the communication between doctor and patient is very important, it is the cornerstone of a successful, safe, sustainable and quality treatment for the patient. That is precisely why, during the initial consultation, our main concern is to get to know the patient as well as possible. Thus, we can provide the best treatment plan that is as correct as possible, both from a medical point of view but also from the patient’s wishes, so that the final outcome will meet expectations.

We want our patients to feel at home with us – safety and comfortable. In this sense we’ve managed to create create a pleasant and warm atmosphere – we operate the most comfortable dental chairs. We have invested and continue to achieve the latest equipment and dental technology that will allow us to perform quality treatments without pain and provide the best results.

Compliance with the rules of asepsis and antisepsis, along with investments targeting patient’ safety guarantees that in our dental office we treat without the risk of contacting transmissible diseases through blood and saliva.

Beautiful and healthy teeth are stylish this year as well. We are waiting for you to get fashionable!

Meet Our Team

DR. Madalina RADU

Dental doctor


OMF Specialist surgeon doctor


Dental doctor


Endodontic specialist doctor

DR. Alexandra TEPES

Prosthetics resident doctor



Smile Architects
Leica dental microscope - dental clinic Smile Architects equipment

Premium Technology

It’s highly recommended to have a consultation twice a year, even though the patient believes he has no dental problems. Some dental conditions show signs that only a dentist can identify.

You can call us at +4 0727 307 802 Monday to Friday between 09.00 – 20.00, email us at cabinet@smile-architects.com or leave a message over Contact section.