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LASER Dentistry

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LASER Dentistry’ reputation is increasing due to patients experience in having treatments using such equipment.

The advantages of using the laser in dentistry are multiple, regardless of whether we are talking about endodontic, periodontology, implantology or surgery treatments. Any procedure can be approached with the therapeutic laser.

In ENDODONTICS, after root canal preparation and irrigation, the laser is used to reduce germs and bacteria in areas where the irrigating fluid would never reach.

In PERIODONTOLOGY the laser can be used to treat gum pockets, in addition to conventional treatment, to reduce the level of germs and bacteria, the results being exceptional.

In DENTAL IMPLANTOLOGY treatment at and around the implant, for example for exposing an implant, decontamination and making clear preparation margins for impressions and scans.

Dental LASER benefits for ORAL SURGERY include bleeding-free incisions and a sterile surgical field. The patient has significantly less postoperative pain.

In DENTAL PROSTHETICS it can be used to widen the gum groove and/or hemostasis for taking impressions.

Laser dentistry’s treatments are minimally invasive, highly precise and highly effective.

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