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Dental Implant - dental clinic Smile Architects

Dental Implantology

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Dental implantology is a surgical specialty that has the role of replacing missing teeth or severely damaged teeth that cannot be recovered through other therapeutic procedures.

Dental implants are artificial structures that the surgeon inserts into the jawbone, an artificial root in the form of a piece of titanium.

Dentist phobia should not prevent you from choosing dental implants as a treatment solution. The intervention is performed under local anesthesia, which removes any pain or embarrassment. The patient can cooperate with the doctor throughout the surgery and the postoperative recovery is similar to that after tooth extraction.

The major advantages of the dental implant are:

  • the teeth neighboring the edentulous gap remain intact, they do not need to be polished as in the case of dental bridges;
  • the sensation of a natural tooth is superior to that of a bridge;
  • the sensation of masticatory force is greater than that given by the natural tooth; something that should not be abused, considering that the implant is an ankylosis, while the natural tooth has an elastic system to absorb forces;

Contraindications of implant prosthesis:

  • insufficient amount of bone;
  • the height and thickness of the available bone, as well as the space between the teeth bordering the edentulous gap;
  • the existence of pathological formations in the space where the implants are to be inserted (e.g. tumors, cysts, etc.);
  • following certain treatments (anticoagulants, cytostatics, bisphosphonates).

Even in such situations the insertion of implants becomes possible if certain steps are taken, such as:

  • bone addition;
  • extirpation of pathological formations;
  • after concluding the administration of certain treatments;
Dental Implant - dental clinic Smile Architects
Dental Implant - dental clinic Smile Architects

The risk factors that can lead to the loss of a dental implant are: bruxism, smoking, poor hygiene.

If you find yourself in one of the situations listed above, we can certainly find solutions together to increase the success rate of dental implant prosthesis and maintain it for as long as possible.

Age is not an impediment to implant treatment, but general health is. It is considered that if a patient is healthy enough to have a tooth extracted, it means that an implant can also be inserted.

Patients come to the office and “want to have their teeth”, but this is done in two stages. First, the implants are inserted and after 3-6 months, the prosthetic works can be added, which effectively restore the lost teeth.

With proper oral care, dental implants can last a lifetime, making them the best investment when it comes to replacing a missing tooth.

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