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Dental Prosthetics

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Dental prosthetics deals with the morpho-functional and aesthetic restoration of the dento-maxillary apparatus with the help of fixed, mobile or mobilizable prostheses.

Dental prosthetics can be diverse: veneers, crowns, mobile prostheses, mobilizable prostheses, special skeletal prostheses, immediate prostheses, prosthetics on dental implants.

They are carried out in the dental laboratory following an individualized treatment plan according to the problems of each patient.

Fixed prostheses

metal-ceramic crown: are the most common prosthetics and are made by layering ceramics on a metal holder.

ZIRCONIA crown: they have increased resistance and a special aesthetic appearance due to the lack of metal, they have a special brightness, they are bio-compatible and do not cause allergies. Zirconium crowns can be used to restore both front and side teeth.

Zirconia Crown - prosthetics solutin, dental clinic Smile Architects

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