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Consultation primary objective is to establish a doctor-patient connection, to assess the state of oral health concluding a diagnosis followed by the development of a treatment plan.

During the consultation, an individual sheet will be filled out in which the current dental status is entered and information is requested about the patient’s general state of health, any undergoing treatments as well as a brief history of dental problems.

A treatment plan and cost estimate will then be drawn up and staged.

If the treatment to follow requires, it will be recommended to carry out a specialist consultation or specialist investigations (for example x-rays).

It’s highly recommended to have a dental consultation twice a year, even if the patient believes he has no dental problems. Some dental conditions show signs that only a dentist can identify.

A dental exam is absolutely necessary if:

  • you have bad breath;
  • you have a toothache, especially if its intensity is increasing;
  • you notice slight bleeding of the gums;
  • teeth became more sensitive;
  • you feel pain when you try to bite into harder foods;
  • the teeth became crooked;
  • the submandibular lymph nodes got inflamed;
  • a piece of the tooth has come off or there are cracks in the enamel;
  • the teeth show mobility;
  • you have a dental crown or bridge under which food debris collects;
  • you have not been to a dentist in the last six months;
Consultation in dental cabinet

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