Multilayer Zirconia crowns

Multilayer Zirconia crowns - AFTER case

Smile is self-confidence, happiness, radiance, well-being. We have achieved this with the help of multilayer Zirconia crowns.

Today’s transformation belongs to Mr. N.V. (55 years) for whom the treatments carried out meant increased self-confidence and improved general health.

The patient benefited from a complex oral rehabilitation through which the integrity and functionality of the teeth and the beauty of the smile were achieved.

The treatment spread over a period of one year, being a complex and multidisciplinary one.

The following treatments were performed:

  • endodontic treatments performed under the dental microscope;
  • laser endodontic treatments of dental infections;
  • restoring abutments using fiberglass pivots;
  • gingivectomies performed with the help of laser;
  • insertion of seven AlphaBio MultiNeo dental implants;
  • multilayer Zirconia crowns made by the CAD-CAM process

We have chosen multilayer Zirconia because this is the best solution to achieve a result close to natural tooth texture.

The Team:

  • Dr. Madalina RADU, coordinating doctor and prosthetist;
  • Dr. Alexandra ANTALOAIE, OMF specialist surgeon;
  • Dr. Aiman AHMEDSAAD, endodontic specialist.
Multilayer Zirconia crowns - BEFORE
Multilayer Zirconia crowns - AFTER

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