Ceramic crowns on Zirconia

Coroane din ceramica pe suport din zirconiu

Mihaela came to our clinic for a full dental restoration – after a complex consultation we decided to use ceramic crowns on Zirconia holder to maximize the final result.

The old metal-ceramic crowns were removed and the endodontics treatments to cure infections were redone.

For the lower frontal group, periodontal treatment with dental LASER was carried out, as it was affected by periodontosis. LASER periodontal treatment stimulates the regeneration of the periodontal tissue by activating the body’s own cells and reattaching the gums to the teeth. The laser beam sterilizes the targeted area, destroying the bacterial infection. LASER dental procedures do not require anesthesia and recovery is much faster. After this treatment, the teeth regained their stability and the gum reattached to the teeth.

Ceramic crowns on a Zirconium holder were chosen because they are bio-inert and very gentle on the gingival tissue. Also, from an aesthetic point of view, they fully satisfied the patient expectations.

Ceramic crowns on Zirconia - BEFORE
Ceramic crowns on Zirconia - AFTER

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